Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday Date Day with Mr. Blackvelvetrav

Saturday mornings are typically my 1 day of the week to sleep into at least 6:30 a.m. Lizman was due at the airport on Saturday at 5:00 a.m. thus there was no hope of extra rest for me. Alex was traveling yesterday to Baja, Mexico with Global Expeditions to build homes for the homeless. I feel if your children have a calling to make a difference in the world for others you need to support their endeavors. Honestly I never thought I would be sending my 15 year old to a foreign country alone.

We made the airport run pretty quickly as there was absolutely no traffic, got him checked in, stopped for breakfast at McDonalds near the gate and then Alex boarded the Horizon plane. I returned to the car where the Pei's were waiting and we drove to a dog park in Meridian to let them stretch their paws (and let Mr. Blackvelvetrav sleep in). Unfortunately Raisin and Jay were the only dogs at the park but they enjoyed stopping at a new spot to smell all the smells.

Mr. Blackvelvetrav let me plan a date day yesterday. It is a fun way for me to add creativity to our time together. Yesterday's adventures did not include boxing this time but we explored and enjoyed together. Our first stop was Eddy's Wood-Friend Dogs on Apple Street. They have over 30 toppings to make custom dogs and sausages. Mr. Blackvelvetrav choose a classic dog and Bratwurst with various toppings like onions, peppers and mustard while I selected a naked veggie dog and BBQ sauce. This cute little tot hopped up to our table while we were there and asked me to take her picture (they had just opened and the restaurant was empty).

After lunch we had some time before our movie at Edwards downtown so we drove over to Powell's Old Fashioned Candy store to pretend we were 8 years old again. I picked out some Hello Kitty candy containers. I grew up in Hawaii and Hello Kitty was big when I was a kid. And Mr. Blackvelvetrav picked out some chocolate pretzels and a candy bar. This was his first visit to the store and he was pretty impressed with the selection.

After the seeing the new release "Inception" at the Edwards theaters (check out the short story below) we drove over to a new ice cream shop named Sub Zero on Fairview and Milwaukee. They are ice cream sorcerers. They squirt your selections (base, flavorings, toppings) into a bowl and then turn your soupy potion into ice cream with liquid nitrogen. It was pretty cool. Mine was made out of rice milk, lime flavoring and graham cracker crumbs. It was like key lime sorbet. Mr. Blackvelvetrav selected milk with chocolate and peanut butter flavorings and fruit chunks. Delicious and fun!

Upon leaving the dimly lit theater after the movie Inception Mr. Blackvelvetrav was in front of me heading down the stairs. I looked down to check my footing when I realized that I caught a glimpse of flesh in the middle of the back of his favorite shorts. I reached down to check as I whispered in his right ear that I thought he had a hole in his shorts. To my shock I realized that his entire back end was split open horizontally across his butt cheeks. As he reached down to investigate he made some wise crack about exposing his pa-tootie to the world I just could not help myself. Without any self control I burst into laughter. I walked directly behind him on the way out of the theater so no one could see what we had uncovered. I was giggling so hard I had tears in my eyes. He was thinking he had been squirming so much in his seat that the old material must have finally given way. I was wondering if the holes had been there all day long and that we had just failed to notice them. The shorts were very baggy and loose so it's no wonder that he had not noticed. He may have been flashing everyone all day long. It was hard to say. I offered to get the truck and to circle around to pick him up as he leaned against the wall in the hallway just outside theater number one. Then in a sheer moment of clarity (I had to wipe the tears from my eyes first) I remembered that there was a Boise State University sports store right next door. I told him not to move (as if he could go anywhere) and I zipped down the escalator and over to the shop. Thank heavens they sold athletic shorts. I finally found a pair that were not bright orange and cobalt blue (traditional BSU colors) and raced back upstairs. Mr. Blackvelvetrav had walked with his back against the wall closer to the men's room while I had been hunting for a wardrobe replacement. I then walked behind him again until he could slip into the men's room without anyone behind him. We laughed about this all the way over to Sub Zero!


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