Saturday, February 6, 2016

Pulling Raisin's Letterbox and Retooling Her Stamps for a Memorial Personal Traveler

This morning Jay and I pulled Raisin's Easter Bunny Pei Letterbox.  Raisin and I planted her box on March 23, 2008.  The picture above is of Raisin next to the hiding spot of her box.  Amazingly enough this box has stayed in perfect condition in it's original hiding spot for almost 8 years.  I was in a bit of a panic as we pulled up to the parking lot as the once level grass field that sat all around the boxes hiding spot is now circled with many mounds of rocks, gravel and rocks.  Some areas are taped off to indicate that construction is planned in this area.  I could feel a melt down coming on as I wanted her box to be alive and well so badly.  You can't imagine my sign of relief as I lifted the cement triangle and the box was still there in perfect condition.  I have no idea (with so much having already been disturbed and changed) how that small piece of cement was still there but it was. 

With Raisin's Letterbox in hand Jay and I placed it lovingly in the car and then continued on to plant a box for Baqash and enjoy an hour walk along the Greenbelt near Veterans Memorial Park and Pond.  It was a little bittersweet to pull Raisin's Letterbox since her passing on December 9th, 2015 but I am working on putting all of her stamps (Easter Bunny Pei, TNR Raisinette Personal Traveler and two signature stamps) together for a Memorial Personal Traveler for me to carry and share.  In addition I am planning to add new carvings to the box both of my own hand and I am hoping that if any Letterboxers would like to contribute a stamp in Raisin's memory that they will.


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