Thursday, February 20, 2014

Historic Walking Tour in Lake Helen Florida

# 2 - 240 North Euclid Avenue
"The Eyebrow Window House"
1893 Shingle Style

# 3 -  226 North Euclid Avenue
"The Hopkins House"
1890 Shingle Style

# 4 - 212 North Euclid Avenue
1894 Queen Anne

# 8 - 107 South Euclid Avenue
"First Congregational United Church of Christ"
1886 Gothic Revival

# 12 - 214 South Euclid Avenue
1886 Queen Anne

# 13 - 229 South Euclid Avenue
Believed to be the first house in Lake Helen to be ordered for a catalog
1921 Bungalow
Via the recommendation of Sloppylegs who planted the Cassadaga Crane Letterbox in Cassadaga, Florida I drove to Lake Helen, Florida this afternoon and took the self guided walking tour of historic Euclid Avenue.  The avenue features 13 homes and buildings (plus Asa Gray Park) that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Lake Helen was founded in 1884 by Henry DeLand whose intent was to build the "prettiest and pleasantest" town in Florida.  The weather today was mild and the stroll along Euclid Avenue was very pleasant.  I have featured some of the homes that are my favorites above.  I was able to see all 13 properties as they are not spread too far apart.  I parked at the Library next to Hopkins Hall that is building # 1 on the walking tour.  I was able to get the Walking Tour Map at the Library.  The brochure is sponsored and funded by the Lake Helen League for Better Living.
Discover Lake Helen:

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