Thursday, June 14, 2012

Welcome to Julius Kleiner Memorial Park

Julius Kleiner Memorial Park in Meridian - Opened June 9, 2012.  The Pei's of Adventure and I visited the park on Sunday.  The new park includes 1,300 trees, 3.3 miles of pathways, 700 parking spaces and 37 total acres of turf. Three 50-foot-tall obelisks mark the boundaries, recycled from old railroad supports taken from the original Kleiner family farm, upon which the park was built.  Amenities include bocce ball courts, a sand volleyball pit, basketball courts, walking paths, a playground, two fishing ponds, picnic shelters, the new Meridian Senior Center, a band shell, amphitheater and one Letterbox.

Summer Splash – Welcome to My Pond

I decided to plant the letterbox using the Labyrinth as our puzzle source.  This move may either turn out to be genius or a complete disaster depending on how the seekers manage to navigate the Labyrinth.  The clues are based on the turns you take as you travel through the Labyrinth. 

The new park is beautiful but very maintained and secure with surveillance cameras and police on bikes.  The Pei's and I did our very best to be super stealth planters with the tiny box.  Now we will wait and see if it survives.  New parks like this really represent an incredible challenge in planting.  In addition the newness of the new park is crating a gigantic volume of Muggles. 

Now I hold my breath and wait to see who is willing to navigate the Labyrinth first.  Happy Hunting!


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  1. my kids and I just took a tour of the labyrinth. We'll have to do it again to get this letterbox. :) you are so creative


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