Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Long Late Evening Walks in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is full of so many things to see and do but you really need to be on the ground floor walking from location to location to take the time to really experience everything around you.  Anthony and I commit ourselves to comfortable shoes and lots and lots of walking when we visit Sin City.  In fact at one point I used Google to see how far it would take to walk from one hotel to another (30 minutes) to ensure that we were headed the right direction.  After walking for 20 minutes I rechecked my phone and we had only managed to shave off 4 minutes of our original 30 minutes even though we had just walked 20 minutes.  Only in Vegas does this happen with all of the above road way pedestrian overpasses you need to maneuver, bulging crowds and jam packed cross walks.  I think we spent that 20 minutes just crossing 3 streets to get on the right side of the strip.  And then we still had a 30 minute walk to our destination. 

One reason we were walking (vs. taking a taxi) Saturday night after the show and dinner was because I wanted to re-visit the Bellagio Hotels Conservatory and Botanical Garden.  Alex and I visited in August and I knew that the entire garden had changed from an underwater paradise to a Japanese Spring Celebration.  They have a horticultural staff of 120 employees that manage the grounds and amazing Botanical Garden.  It is well worth stopping and visiting to take in this beautiful Conservatory as the garden changes from season to season.  You can visit their web-site to see what is on display if you visit Las Vegas.

While visiting the Bellagio it is also worth checking out the stunning Chihuly's Art Blossoms installed in the ceiling of the lobby.  The Chihuly Art Blossoms featured at the Bellagio cost over $10 million dollars.  The sculpture consists of 2,000 hand-blown glass blossoms that weigh about 40,000 pounds. They are supported by a 10,000-pound steel armature. Every morning between 2 and 5 a.m., a team of eight to 10 engineers cleans and maintains the sculpture.  It is one of his largest art installations.  If you are not walking you could be driving right by so many amazing sights.


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