Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pickle Boat Panache in the Victoria Harbour

Anthony and I enjoyed a leisurely sunglasses worthy early morning stroll along the seaport harbour on the day after arriving in Victoria.  Once we reached a small fishing village we discovered (to our delight) that we could return to our point of origin via an H2O Water Taxi – also known as a Pickle Boat.  A What?  A Pickle Boat!

The 12 passenger water taxis operate like a regular taxi service on the water.  While they do not have a set schedule, they do circle the harbour continuously and transport passengers where they need to go along Victoria’s outer, middle, and inner harbour.  

As we returned to our port of origin the Pickle Boat Skipper boasted that he has been an H2O Captain of the pickle boat’s for over 20 years and that the Victoria Harbour Ferry is in its 25th year of performing the Harbour Ferry Ballet on the waters of Victoria’s Inner Harbour.  At first we thought he was pulling the wool over our naive American tourist eyes but sure enough as soon as we disembarked a speaker across the harbour was loudly broadcasting that the 10-minute performance showcasing the agility of the harbour ferries would be commencing in 15 minutes.  How could we miss such an extravaganza?

These highly maneuverable ferries were brought to Victoria in 1990 and the Skippers started the first ballet showcasing their agility to entertain passengers, tourists and locals.  Currently every Sunday morning from May to September, and every Saturday morning in July and August, the ferries perform at the Inner Harbour. 

The performance and creative choreography were a truly unique show to behold.  Five harbour ferries complete very complex dance steps in a ballet performance that is definitely one of a kind.  This was an incredible lighthearted start to our adventures in Canada.

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