Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Compass Has Alzheimer’s

In February 12, 2004 Lizman and I found our first letterbox “A Single Rose” in Boise, Idaho. With us on that maiden voyage was our handy dandy compass. We continued on our quests both locally and in other states with eagerness in our hearts and our compass always in our LB backpack or pocket.

Recently we noticed that our most favorite compass in the whole wide world was starting to forget which way was north. On occasion he would point in the right direction but now the disease has finally taken over our compasses ability to find north or any other direction.
Sadly we had to finally retire our compass to live his life of relaxing at home with our LB first finder tokens and carving supplies and have had to purchase a new compass from REI. We were not able to find a relative of our compass so we had to settle for one that is not as easy to use. Our new compass is just as faithful but does not feel the same as our old compass. In fact I am still trying to figure out the strange line of sight thing.

We will continue on the trail but it is just not the same without our old faithful compass!

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