Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5:00 a.m. Walk and 2 More Boxes Gone

The Pei's and I set out this morning on the trail to check 3 of my boxes that were at a nearby sports complex. Leashes in hand and headlamp in place we got over there in about 15 minutes. Sadly we report back that two of the three long time boxes (planted in 2004) were gone. I decided to loop back around and snatch the remaining box instead of leaving it out there alone. Not the best way to start the morning but at this rate I think finding more MIA or vandalized is to be expected. Time for a heavy sigh and a hot shower. I might just need to stop at Moxie Java this morning for a sweet coffee hug.
  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame (3 boxes) - Boise, Idaho - 2 MIA - All 3 Retired

Who knows what I will find in the evening tonight. Then again maybe it is what I won't find.


  1. This is absolutely horrid. I cannot believe that this person continues to reek havoc on all your hard work. And your boxes are so great - I want to slap this person...hard.

    I am so very sorry. :-(

  2. haha! I'm so irritated I misspelled reek - sorry :-/

    That would be wreak havoc...

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