Friday, June 25, 2010

Disguising Boxing for Non Boxers! A Recipe for Success

When our clan first started boxing the boys were pretty young and I was able to get the entire family out on the trail for our local adventures. Ah, the good old days. As they matured and interests of various family members evolved our clan of boxers whittled down to two out of the original four we started with. Currently only Lizman and I actively box unless it is a special occasion like my birthday or Mother's Day.

This week I created four Hit and Run Letterboxes to plant. My Hit and Run boxes are small magnetic boxes that do not contain logbooks. Just a stamp in the container based on the containers inability to remain waterproof. Last night Mr. Blackvelvetrav and I finally had an evening free from sports and other kid's commitments. How on earth was I going to convince him that he wanted to box when it was not my birthday, Groundhog Day or Mother's Day?

I believe that I have stumbled upon the perfect recipe to entice non-boxers to box. There are three important ingredients to my fool proof recipe to disguise the actual boxing aspect of the adventure:

1. Alcohol (or beverages)
2. Food
3. A Non-Boxing Activity

We started our evening out last night at The Modern Bar. It was featured in the June Issue of Sunset Magazine. The Modern Hotel and Bar was a former Travelodge in downtown Boise. It is a midcentury-modern hotel that was transformed to include a patio with green grass, ginkgo trees and stone fire pits. Mr. Blackvelvetrav started the evening with their suggested gin martini "The Dorothy Parker." We savored their guacamole and corn chip appetizer and Mr. Blackvelvetrav rounded out the visit with a beer in a can (gotta love his style). To our delight there was live music "Modern Tango" on the patio too. Alcohol – check. Food – check. Entertainment – check. Letterbox # 1 Planted – check.

Our next stop was The Flicks Cinema. I picked the movie "City Island" which we both enjoyed. They have refreshments (including wine and beer) and lots of tasty food and snacks. We sat in the smallest theater in the building which has a whopping 45 seats. It is an intimate experience. Movie beverages – check. Popcorn – check. Entertainment – check. Letterbox # 2 Planted – check.

After the movie we walked across the street to Tablerock Brew Pub and Grill for a light meal. I could live off Hummus and Pita Bread and ordered that up for my dinner off of the appetizer menu. Mr. Blackvelvetrav really likes their bangers and mash so we both stuck to our favorites. Beer and ice tea – check. Tasty food to nibble on – check. Entertainment (sports on the TV's) – check. Letterbox # 3 Planted – check.

Our last stop of the evening was the ever popular Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream shop on 10th street. A little Chubby Hubby perhaps or maybe some Hunka Chunka Chocolate. Who can ever decide? Ice water – check. Ice cream – check. Entertainment (watching people decide on what to select) – check. Letterbox # 4 Planted – check. A great evening of letterboxing disguised as date night – check.

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