Friday, July 16, 2010

The Dragon Visits Boise

Idaho welcomes another out of state boxer to Boise. We had a mini meet at Applebee's restaurant for The Dragon from Wisconsin (and his non boxing wife) last night. Getting together for the evening were the Capperpillar Clan (all four colors), SunnySlope, VintageRed, A-Bear, K-Bear, Galoclya and the guest of honor The Dragon (and me too Blackvelvetrav). In typical mini meet fashion we stamped, ate, and stamped some more. Capperpillar carved a great event stamp and we had plenty of event boxes too. We did get some strange looks from other patrons at Applebee's last night. My lips are sealed on what we were really doing there. We all left with inky fingers and full tummies. Gee, I wonder who will come and visit Boise next?

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