Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sun Valley Weekend Two

Gee How Did I Miss This Clue?

Lizman in the Middle of No Where

"The Sun’s Little Traveler Shaleice" - Hiding in the Rocks

The View From "Froggy in Paradise"

"Froggy In Paradise" Hidden From View

"Froggy In Paradise" in Perfect Condition

Rehiding A-Bears "Goodale's Flat Tire"

Lizman Checking Out the Clues (Or is he Just Playing Around on the Rocks?)

Our second journey to Sun Valley was over the weekend of the 10th of August. On our way back to Ketchum Lizman and I replanted A-Bears "Goodale's Flat Tire". I reworked the clues back to the boxes original hiding spot and planted it under some additional rocks for safety and then realized I actually needed to stamp in. It was the first time we had found the box (sort of) so I could not miss out stamping in myself.

Back in Ketchum we enjoyed spending the weekend with my parents and my sister and her family from Colorado. It was wonderful to catch up it such a beautiful setting. Once again during the evenings I was able to spend time carving while there were some very competitive card games going on at the other end of the table.

After a girl's afternoon on Saturday including lunch, the library and browsing the library's thrift shop I took off to quickly check on my one planted box in the area "Froggy in Paradise." I was thrilled to find him safe and sound after all these years. The box was in mint condition and it was fun to thumb through the pages of the logbook to see who had visited since I planted it in 2005. I kind of laughed because the container it is in is not even a "lock and lock" yet the box was still holding up perfectly and all the contents were 100% dry.

On Sunday morning Mr. Blackvelvetrav talked me into planting a box. Since I do not get to the area very often I was not going to leave one behind but he thought I should at least leave one of my carvings for others to find. I did have the spare Lock and Lock and extra logbook with me that I was going to use if Froggy in Paradise had needed TLC. Since Froggy was just fine I had everything I needed to do a quick plant. My only other hesitation was the fact that I didn’t have any first finder goodies to leave behind.

We planted "The Sun’s Little Traveler Shaleice" on a great hiking and biking trail not too far out of Ketchum. My only concern is that the area will probably get a lot of snow over the winter and it may get a little muddy. Hopefully she will be safe under her rocks for the winter.

Our last adventure Letterboxing was to stop and find "ROT8RS" in Mountain Home on our way back to Boise. This box is definitely in the middle of no where and we misread the clues just a bit and lined up the wrong 5 ROT8RS. As we were walking back towards the car to re-work the clues (Lizman was getting impatient) I called my letterboxing life line (Capperpillar) to see how accurate the clues were. While we were talking and I was walking I realized what I had done. It's always humbling when you find the right clue (hiding spot) and it is larger than life. Thank heavens Capperpillar gave me a moment of sanity to help me find the box. We did see antelope on the drive to Mountain Home from Sun Valley and we also saw a huge jackrabbit while searching for the box although I did not get a picture of either. The jackrabbit was way too fast and the antelope were too far from the road. But I did blog about our encounter with the chubby and smart as a tack badger.

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