Friday, October 1, 2010

FrogiNater Visits Boise

Recently I missed out on a Mini Meet and Greet with Froginator. The gathering was on the same weekend that my family was visiting from out of state. Capperpillar hosted the event at Merrill Park in Eagle and it was attended by the Capperpillar Clan, A-Bear and the Baby Bears, VintageRed, Serene Bender and guests, Cowboy Joe and RockTheNater. I am totally bummed not only missing out visiting with another great out of state boxing family but I didn't get the Event Stamp that is absolutely hysterical. Naturally it was the very creative carve of Capperpillar. I may just have to beg (or bribe) her for the image at our next event. How can you resist a frog-potato hybrid? Only in Idaho do these things happen!

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