Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Whimsical Containers from Mrs. Little Louie

I recently sent two of my Traveling Event Stamps “It had to be You – Frankie and Felda” to Little Louie to attend the MN Fall Gathering: Rock Around Elk River. Little did I know that Mrs. Little Louie (Erin) is a studio designer for the artist who I purchased the images from. Naturally Erin recognized them immediately and to my total surprise she sent my stamps back in their very own custom containers. I am just tickled pink at how wonderful and whimsical they are. Now Frankie and Felda can travel to events in total style. These containers are hands down one of the sweetest gifts I have received back in the mail from an event. Instead of sitting in my craft closet between travels whey will be proudly on display.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for sharing Frankie and Felda for the MN Fall Gathering: Rock Around Elk River! The stamps are just as cute as the containers. Thanks, also for sharing this story. What a neat coincidence! ~Zoma (Mrs. SZSRocks)


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