Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wizard of Oz – Box of the Month # 2 – Active

Winds tonight were between 15 and 25 MPH here in the Treasure Valley but nothing would stop me and the Pei’s of Adventure from planting our November Wizard of Oz Box of the Month. The November stamp is actually one of my favorite images for this series. Who can resist and adorable flying monkey? I bundled up and we hit the trail with just enough light to get to the box, swap the stamps and head back to the car. I will admit that each time the wind would kick up it was bone chilling cold. Even Raisin and Jay were moving pretty quickly back to the car tonight. I didn’t manage to capture Raisin on camera but Mr. Jay was available for a quick photo opportunity. The trail to and from the box is still bathed in rich vibrant fall colors and I even spotted some mushrooms growing on a large weathered fallen tree branch.

Now it’s time to start carving December’s box (#3). I wonder if the next carving would blow away in the wind considering he is made out of straw. I guess we will need to wait to find out. You’re not in Kansas anymore!

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