Monday, July 4, 2011

Bad Ass Boxing

It's not often I get to combine my love for Letterboxing with my motorcycle but on Sunday the two became one. Mr. Blackvelvetrav and I headed out on our street bikes to spend the day letterboxing in Weiser, Idaho. Weiser is about an hour from Boise. The back country roads are amazing in the morning with no traffic, cool temperatures and lush agriculture as far as the eye can see. The ride to Weiser was perfect and I was able to test out my new back rest that he MacGyver'ed recently. My fancy seat with the snake skin stripes does not have a back rest and it can be really hard on my back for long rides with no support. He mut on ly old seat and fashioned a back rest and it worked great. Fortunately duct tape and chewing gum were not involved.

We were in search of six Letterboxes planted by Toadily! who resides in Weiser. She has been busy carving and planting. I have been excited to make the drive out to enjoy all her planting efforts.

Our morning did start out a little slow as the first box we attempted to locate was gone. Fortunately I had Cindy's phone number and I called to let her know that we were pretty convinced it had disappeared. I left her a message with her Muggle hubby (Don) and we pushed on to the next box. Success as the second box was safe and sound and we were the first finders. We moved on to our third set of clues and Cindy called me back. Weiser is such a small town (population around 5,000) that Cindy ran to check on the Fishing Pond box and then was able to track us down without even calling again. She knew we were on our bikes so we must have stood out like sore thumbs.

It was great to hook up with Cindy for our remaining boxes and to enjoy a bite to eat at a local Chinese Restaurant. Cindy knows so much about the history of Weiser that she made each of our stops a mini education opportunity (which really added to our letterboxing experience).

I will admit that by the time we left Weiser around 3:30 p.m. the heat was high and the ride back to Boise was very toasty. Still it was great to combine two things I really enjoy with my main squeeze and our letterboxing friend from Weiser. Okay, I may not be too much of a bad ass (I am only 5'1) but it's fun to pretend when I am on my bike.


  1. Yeah, you're too sweet to be really bad ass! Glad you had a great time, Kel!

  2. Guess I better wear my black leather next time. Then I would really look like a bad ass! HA! HA! You can't blame a girl for trying.


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