Saturday, February 4, 2012

Eskimo LTC with Bottle Cap

Bottle caps are reappearing all over the craft stores this winter and are being used for home decorating crafts as well as paper crafts. I use bottle caps off and on as the mood strikes but this is my first time adding one to an LTC. Instead of purchasing bottle caps from craft stores I purchase mine by the bag from a local home brewing beer distributor. As I recall I purchased about 250 bottle caps for $7.00. I utilize my rubber mallet and I pound the back side lightly a few times to have the cap curl. After the cap is prepared I stamp, punch and emboss a custom embellishment for the top. The bottle caps can also be used flipped over and decorated but I like to thin their bulk out my pounding them for mailing purposes. By making my own bottle caps I save a pretty penny for bottle cap embellishments.

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