Saturday, June 30, 2012

Moon's Mini Meet This Morning

I was thrilled to have Wisconsin Hiker and Martini Man visit Boise today. Both are prolific hikers and are really looking forward to hitting the trails here in Idaho. I enjoyed hearing about their hiking adventures and their plans for their time here in Idaho. I was joined by Birds-on-a-Wire, FrogiNater and Cowboy Joe for breakfast too. FrogiNater and Cowboy Joe drove to Boise from Twin Falls last night (about 2 hours) so they did not need to make the drive this morning. It worked out perfectly. We visited, ate some delicious breakfast and exchanged signature stamps. After our mini meet everyone headed their own separate direction. The Boise Market was just outside the door of the restaurant and I was very tempted to check out the booths but I had boxing that needed to be done before the heat of the day hit its peak.

I first went down to the Green Belt to check on my Soaring Independence box. The last visitors said that it might be MIA and I think they may be correct. I am hesitant to say for sure since I do have a history of not finding my own boxes but the brush has really grown in the area since the box was planted in 2009. It was found in February but I am just not positive if it is gone or if I just missed it.

With so many Muggles around I abandoned my search and headed across town to change the Wizard of OZ BOM stamp on the Green Belt in Eagle. Oddly enough aside from near the actual park I was on the trail alone and easily changed the stamps without so much as a wisp of any concern on my part of any Muggles catching me in the act. I felt like I was cheating on Raisin and Jay a little visiting the box without them but by this point it was already over 80 degrees and the Pei’s do not do well in heat. In fact this is the reason that we walk so early and late each day. With all those wrinkles and their brush coat fur they melt in anything over 70 degrees. Jay has been known to stop dead in his tracks on a trail as soon as there is any shade and will refuse to hike any further. He will actually plop down in the dirt and not move. No one wants to carry an 80 lb. Shar-Pei off the trail.

When I returned home (a little flush from the heat myself) I peeked out back and two squirrels were running up and down one of the stakes in our back yard. I managed to snap a couple pictures of their antics. I feed the birds and squirrels in the back yard each morning before starting my day. Raisin and Jay get hours of cheap entertainment watching the squirrels run all over the back yard. I just think they are so darn cute. I know it makes the dogs nuts when the squirrels taunt them from the patio out back. Sometimes Raisin even talks when she is watching them. It’s pretty funny. Jay never has too much to say about things but Raisin is our talker and she definitely has a lot to say about those darn squirrels invading her back yard.

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