Saturday, June 23, 2012

Motorcycle Riding and Letterboxing in Idaho City

Last weekend I rode my motorcycle (pictured above) to Idaho City with our family friend Martin (also pictured above).   We checked on my box at the Pioneer Cemetery, nabbed a few that have been planted since I last visited the area and had homemade pie at Trudy’s.  When you combine motorcycle riding and letterboxing you need to be very strategic on how you pack your Letterboxing supplies.  Fortunately my small letterboxing bad fits snug as a bug in my saddle bag.  I used the second bag to bring along some new boxes in case I ran across any boxers while I was zooming around but the new stamps and LTC’s returned to Boise unclaimed.  Martin is a great sport about boxing with me on occasion.  He was ready to go the long route (the full Lowman Loop) to check on another box of mine but I was only game for the short ride.  Even with not spending the whole day on the bike I didn’t make it back home until after 3 p.m.      

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