Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pre Event Planting and Planning and More Planting

Sorry Raisin and Jay no water boxes this year

Time to get a game plan on paper

The Raisin on guard duty.

How many steps was that?

Always looking for the perfect Letterboxing rock

Maybe this was not a good place to sit down.

Nothing suspicious happening here.

A perfect plant!

Probably will not attempt to hide boxes in the middle of the river with the birds.

Okay Jay out of the cold water please.
There is Letterbox planting and then there is event planting.  This planting is event planting!  When you spend 8 hours in the cold and rain to plant a rather large volume of boxes you know you are event planting.  Pixie Dust Gal (Kelly - Woodland Faery) and I along with the fearless Pei's of Adventure (Raisin and Jay) braved the elements last weekend to get a handle on event box planting.  It felt like we were making good progress until we realized the boxes we had planted were merely a drop in the bucket.  But I think part of the fun of events is laughing and spending time with your co-chairs leading up to the big day.  Just having Kelly's company on the trail made a dreary wet day one that was fun and magical in it's on way.  I never have enough time to spend with friends and just the excuse of planning events has given me the time with her that I might not have had if the event was not on the horizon.  The true treasure of Letterboxing is the time I spend with others vs. what is inside the actual box.  I am proud to report that Kelly has now become an expert at rock planting concealment and can boast that although she does not box regularly she is a seasoned veteran at event planning and hosting. 
I am going to take a break in 2014 from hosting events so I can finally plan some series I would like to work on and join other things (LTC's swaps, special carving projects etc.) with my boxing friends across the country.  I had to turn down contributions this past year due to my hand injury and the demands of the event.  I have personally been a slave to event planning for quite a few years now and I really want to diversify.  Still I know I will find new excuses to spend time with Kelly and other local friends even if we do not have an event to plan.  Now that Kelly is a planting expert I may just have to tempt her out on the trail to help me with a few special series I am hoping to create.  Time to go I have so much to do for the event and not enough time to get it done.  

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