Sunday, June 3, 2012

Re-Planting We Will Go

Braving heat, mosquitos and ticks the re-planting of my vandalized boxes started this weekend.  I managed to plant one new box, exchanged stamps in my BOM Wizard of Oz box, checked up on two existing boxes and re-planted four.  I even managed to make one new LTC out my “No Fishing” returned stamp before re-planting it this afternoon.  Don’t you just love the big bold fish lips!  The house did not get its usual cleaning since I was running all over the place but who needs a spotless house when you are out on the trails.  Raisin and Jay only joined me when it was cool enough since they do not tolerate heat very well.  Only 20 more to re-plant in-between the other projects I am working on.  Still I think 4 is a solid start.  I am encouraging everyone to watch the Idaho State AQ Board as I post updates to document my madness.  With moving boxes and images around it is a little confusing if you don’t pay attention to what is happening with the re-plants.  And just to spice things up I am tucking in some re-plant first re-finder gifts into the boxes too.  Most have nothing to do with the actual boxes but it’s still nice when there is a little something extra waiting for you.          

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