Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dinner at Louie's with Yiker and Family

Last night it was a real treat (and blessing) to have Yiker, Spike and Yak King Blues drive into town for the evening. They drove from McCall, Idaho yesterday but they actually reside in Corvallis, Oregon. We were joined by Birds on a Wire for dinner at Louie’s Italian restaurant. Even my Lizman came for our impromptu dinner.

It is such a shame that we all left the restaurant hungry. Just Kidding! We ordered family style and had heaping amounts of lasagna, pizza, fettuccini etc. Basically the entire table was covered with food and we left with two heaping bags full of left over’s. I am not even counting the soup, salads and garlic bread we enjoyed for starters. A special thank you from Lizman and I as they generously treated us to dinner. And I know Lizman is thanking them today with all the leftovers he had for lunch.

We were thrilled to meet Yak King Blues for the first time last night. He still has a letterbox in the middle of a Payette Lake that is calling our name along with the Osprey that is watching over it. Who’s up for a canoe ride? I’ll take pictures while you paddle.

Birds on a Wire, Lizman and I all met Yiker and Spike at Live and Breathe in 2008. And in fact Lizman and I were cabin mates with Yiker and Spike at the event along with a very large host of additional boxers. It was a treat for me in 2010 to spend a weekend with Yiker in Astoria, Oregon for KuKu’s Birthday Bash and now once again to visit in person in 2012. Although we keep in touch via e-mail it seems that we are on a two year plan of crossing paths in person. Letterboxing friendships are truly a gift.

Angela (Yiker) is famous for a quote that was published in Readers Digest quite a few years back:

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

We laughed about how this quote is everywhere. It is almost like UFO sightings. She has found it in books, on picture frames, millions of web-sites etc. and low and behold a couple of years ago I found it on the Louie’s Restaurant Menu. Although they have a new menu now the restaurant manager was kind enough to search his stash of old menu’s for us and he found a copy that Angela could take home with her. Although none of us truly knows how far Angel’s fame has spread thanks to the quote we all keep our eyes skyward for the next sighting.

On a side note Angela works for Rubber Stamp Madness Magazine. She is always quick to share tips, tricks and ideas. One of the things I love about the publication is the ads. I know that sounds strange but I have found many unique vendors on their pages and love browsing their web-sites via the links provided in the magazine.

Rubber Stamp Madness:

Also Yiker and Yak King Blues are avid photographers. They have both been featured in the Atlas Quest Calendar. Yiker shared with us some of her beautiful tide pool pictures last night. Next time we will need to tempt Yak King Blues to bring some to share too. The picture of the red sky was actually taken by Lizman (Alex) last night after dinner. Maybe we have another budding photographer in our midst.

Hopefully we will all be able to get together again before the next two years pass us by. If worst comes to worst I will just have to show up at their door step, ask for my clean set of sheets and head to one of their spare bedrooms to set myself up for a visit.

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  1. I've threatened to write a book--the quote that wouldn't die. I saw it on a reader board for an auto repair place and took pictures of it.

    And when you show up in Corvallis, let me know. I'll take a day off and come down from Portland!

    I am still raving about how wonderful you were with your goodie bags and your LTC gift at my Birthday Bash!



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