Friday, November 30, 2012

Thank You Wonderland Booklets

A colossal Down the Rabbit Hole thank you to the Letterboxing artists who donated their time and talents to help make Down the Rabbit Hole a great event. We were very blessed to have a wonderful selection of stamps from carvers who reside in and out of the state of Idaho.


Birds on a Wire

Boxer Lover47

Crazy Mountain Woman


Jones Crew 10


Music Chick

Practically Perfect


Roots and Shoots Redmond


Spoiled Rotten

The Red Cat



To thank the contributors we sent each a handmade memory book with all of the images stamped on tags. It took three of us to create these one of a kind mementos. Little Miss Kitty (Kendall) came up with the concept and put her Cricut machine into high gear cutting out spines, large tags and embellishments. She also cut out the insides and glued them together. Pixie Dust Gal (Kelly) worked on the design and assembly of the covers, including the spines and ribbon. At this juncture the books were handed over to me for stamping, additional tag cutting, extra embellishments and eventual mailing.

I loved the little books when they were finished and I have so many wonderful comments from the recipients. On the down side I spent weeks with the books and stamps on our dining room table as I worked on them every night upon returning home from work after my household chores and dinner preparations. I was basically stamping each image 20 times and was then listing the name of the stamp and who the carver was next to each image. This included capturing all of the event stamps, larger event stamps that would not fit on the tags onto separate sheets of paper and also stamping all the hitchhikers, fleas and cooties too. If you are doing the math that is 58 individual stamps stamped 20 times each for a total of 1,160 image impressions and the handwriting to go with each. No one was more thrilled than I was to go to the post office, stand in line and hand these gifts over for deliver. There was a point in time when I was starting to doubt I would get them completed but when the ink finally dried it was with glee that I packaged the stamps, logbooks and gifts up for mailing.

I also received an extra helping hand from Kelly. She hand made the lunch invitations (cards) for the event and it was my task to make our thank you cards. With so much stamping I just could not complete the task. She bailed me out by also creating the thank you cards that accompanied the books back to the contributors.

Thank you once again to everyone who contributed Down the Rabbit Hole. You made the event extra special for everyone who attended.

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