Sunday, January 13, 2013

3, 2, 1 LTC Challenge by Aiphid, Alice vs. The Queen of Hearts

Aiphid sent me an e-mail recently asking if I wanted to participate in an LTC Challenge. The components of the challenge are pretty straight forward. 3 papers, 2 stamps and 1 medium (excluding stamping and embossing). Traditional 2 ½ x 3 ½ sized cards.

I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to feature two of my Down the Rabbit Hole stamps from our Alice in Wonderland inspired event last October. Since Alice and the Queen of Hearts are Yen and Yang I thought they would make the perfect pair. I had originally thought of laying them out like a deck of cards (one at each end vertically) but I felt that I would lose too much of the carving if they were positioned that direction. So I changed my plan and stamped them both to get the maximum of each image on the card. Because of the texture of the red cardstock (very slick) I was forced to emboss the images once they were stamped.

My three papers consist of the red base that the Queen of Hearts is stamped on. The blue base that Alice is stamped on and if you look carefully the tiny blue and red hearts are punched out of a deck of cards which represents my third paper.

My two stamps are obvious. One is the Queen of Hearts and if you flip the card around the second image is Alice.

My additional Medium is a bit more out of the box. Because Alice and the Red Queen are on such bold striking colored backgrounds I did not want to paint or color the images. Instead I kept with the light and dark aspects of the images by first distressing the edges and middle of the cards. Then I added Stickles glitter glue to each side of the images. Red for the Queen of Hearts and Blue to Alice. And as a final touch I added the craziness of life Down the Rabbit Hole by the addition of white and black acrylic dots to each card respectively. White for Alice and Black for the Queen of Hearts.

And the best news I have to share about this batch of LTC’s is that I made some extras to trade but the real news is that I completed these cards way ahead of the March deadline. They will be ready to mail tomorrow. Yippee!

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