Sunday, August 11, 2013

All Aboard Navy Basic Training Count Down for Nick

Nick (my 18 year old step son) has signed up for the Navy and will be leaving for basic training on Tuesday.  It seems like we had forever before his departure but all of a sudden Tuesday is almost here.  The pictures above are of Nick enjoying his new kayaking hobby.  He has learned to kayak this past year and absolutely loves to be on the river.  Local kayakers have been nothing but welcoming to Nick and he has met so many great people this past summer on the river.  It's almost a shame that the Navy will take him away from a new hobby that he is so enthusiastically embraced.  However, the great thing about kayaking is that he will be able to pick it up again in the future depending on where he is stationed. 

The Navy came about as kind of a surprise to the entire family as Nick had never given it any thought before.  There was some talk during his junior year of high school about the Coast Guard but the Navy was never on the radar for any of us.  That was until Nick was leaving school one day and a recruiter handed him a business card and said to call if he wanted to learn more.  Imagine our shock when he came home to tell his dad that he talked to a recruiter and was seriously considering a career in the Navy.

Fast forward to today and not only has Nick enlisted but Tuesday morning he will be on his way to his new military career.  I know there are a lot of sad faces and tears being shed for his departure and the total cut off that everyone will have with Nick (particularly his Dad and Mom) but the faith, confidence and pride we have in Nick really overshadows the short term loss of contact while he is in Basic training.

What may seem like an excruciating cut off from a wonderful son will zip by before anyone realizes how fast the days and weeks have come and gone and Nick will be bursting with stories of new experiences, unexpected friendships, life altering challenges and strength he never dreamed he had.  I can't wait to see what the Navy has to teach Nick and how his contributions will shape who he becomes as adulthood looms ahead.  Good luck Nick I have enjoyed every moment of your childhood and can't wait to see your future unfold!

Nick and Dad at his Anchors Away Party

Alex, Charlee and Nick
Charlee was a YMCA Before and After School Counselor for the boys when they were in the 3rd and 4th grade at the Ustick YMCA center.  It was wonderful for her to come to Nick's party last night.

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