Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back in the Carving Saddle Again - Carving Spoiler Alert

I once again have the rubber flying.  With that silly hand injury of mine I have been off of carving since April.  Although my hand still has some ache and discomfort the cortisone shot really helped make it manageable and the doctor who has been treating me thought it was time to stop restricting my fingers.  So the first chance I had I was hunched back over my magnifying light and rubber to get back on track with my commitments.  My first carving obligation was an image for Live and Breathe 2013.  Since I am unable to attend as originally planned (I am still pouting over this) it was important for me to get the carving completed so I would feel that I had participated in some small way.  After 4 days of working on the stamp (lots of carving hours) I finally finished it last night and mailed it off this morning.  The images above were taken before I trimmed the stamp down and cleaned it up a bit.  Choi knows it’s on its way and he should have it by Friday.  Nothing like cutting it close for the event.  I felt really bad having Choi wait until the last minute for it to arrive but at least it will be there a week before the event.  Now it’s time to turn my attention to my own event and get back into the groove of creating Fae themed stamps.  I have some really fun images I am looking forward to carving and I have lost over 4 months of prime carving time due to my right hand.  Sorry though no sneak peeks until after the event.


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