Sunday, August 18, 2013

What's in a Name


I am easily entertained.  I was in the middle of logging new boxes for our fabulous Faery Event on October 5th (Magical Gateways in the Whispering Woods - when Atlas Quest froze up.  It must have been me over throwing the system with all of the Fae magic I was wielding. 

Anyway I decided to check out the Faery Name Generator.  The next thing I knew I was jumping from generator to generator typing in my name to see who I really am in the magical realm of fantasy.  I often feel like I am several different people (scary but true since I wear so many different hats) on any given day.  Finally I now have a name to fit almost every occasion or mood I am in.  Although I am still wondering about my pirate name.  The one thing I do not have is long legs.

Here are my aliases:

Fairy Name - Feather Willowweb

Star Wars Name - Whandre Twilightflame

Steampunk Name - Commander Katherine Leech - Culpepper

Vampire Name - Belle Heartsong

Dragon Name - Habqan Indigo-Reptile The Kindler

Elf Name - Pelingilbes

Fantasy Name - Alyson Blissfultroll

Hobbit Name - Goldilocks Rumble

Mermaid Name - Star Estuary Diver

Super Hero Name - Commander Tsunami

Pirate Name - Polly "Long-Legged" Moon

Unicorn Name - Bluebell Blue Saddle

Werewolf Name - Rose Dark-Eyes

Witch Name - Noreen Mousemincer

World of Warcraft - Avorniel

Dwarf Name - Gwyndolen Gem-Citrine

Feeling like your alter ego today too? 

Start here at the Fairy Name Generator and see who you might be:



  1. None of the rest really stand out FOR ME, except for your "Witch name". That has got to be one of the coolest witch names I have ever heard!

    And no, I'm not calling you a witch - just saying that if you were, you'd have an awesome name as one! ;)

  2. I am meadow elfglitter. My witch name was helga slugsquirter - yikes!


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