Saturday, September 14, 2013

Just a Guy With His Dog in a Beat Up Truck and His Wonderful Birdhouse Creations

At Meridian Health Plaza this weekend from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. St. Al's is having an Art in the Yard Bazaar to help raise funds for the Nalen Cancer Fund which helps families and patients while patients are receiving treatments. The small bazaar is featuring unique enameled art, yard ornaments, crocheted items, children items, bird feeders, wind chimes, aprons, soaps, lotions, jewelry, and solar garden lanterns.

When I arrived at work on Friday a man selling bird houses was already set up for the bazaar even though the event was not officially until today.  I absolutely love his weathered and uniquely inspired birdhouses.  They almost look like something out of Nightmare Before Christmas with their high pitched roofs and rustic appeal.

I just could not resist picking out one of his very tall birdhouses and had to toss down the back seat in my car and even lay down the front seat to get it home.  I actually purchased it for indoor d├ęcor but if we had a larger yard I would have loved to put it out for the birds.  I am going to move it around until I find the perfect spot for it but could not resist sharing the pictures.  Honestly I wish I could have brought a few more of them home but one splurge was more than enough for the birdhouse lover.

I zipped over to the bank to get cash for the man who sold me the birdhouse.  He was in town from Spokane and said that this was his last show for the season.  Then he would start building his creations again over the winter.  I was hoping he would have a business card so I could see if he might be in the area again next year but he is the first vendor I have met that not only does not have a business card but he also does not have a web-site, blog, Facebook page or even any way to reach him.  Basically if you see him at a fair, bazaar, farmers market or art event you are in luck.  If you don't see him you are out of luck.  Pretty funny in this age of total exposure to meet a guy with his dog, beat up pick up truck and collection of handmade birdhouses.  You have to respect that kind of simplicity.

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  1. Very cool! Those street fairs are so awesome - I like it when we see something unique like that!


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