Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sidewalk Mushrooms Get One Last Moment of Magic

Raisin Keeping an Eye on Me

This morning on my way back from walking to Starbucks with Raisin and Jay I noticed at my feet on the sidewalk that someone had pulled up a whole grove of mushrooms and left them where they landed to whither and die.  It seemed to sad to see them there waiting to rot in the sun.

While Anthony and I were having breakfast he noted that I appeared to be contemplative.  When he inquired about my thoughts I relayed the story of the mushrooms and what a shame it was to see them there waiting to shrivel up and disappear.  I mentioned that it was like someone had plucked all the magic out of the grass.  I was wishing I had picked them up off the concrete so I could photograph them because they were so beautiful.  I asked Anthony if he thought that was strange and he said "Any more strange than many of the things you do already?"  In the scheme of things I guess not.

Back out the front door Raisin, Jay and I traveled.  Around the block we went, picked up all the mushrooms and looped back around to home.  In our back yard (which is open to a park) I carefully hand trimmed a spot of grass with scissors.  As an elderly woman walked by with her small lap dog she glanced my direction and looked at me as if I were insane.

I placed the mushrooms in a few groupings, snuck some items out of my Faery gardens (handmade by Kelly Reed) that are in the living room and snapped away.  Anthony said it was humorous to watch me laying on my stomach on the ground to take the pictures.  Raisin kept a watchful eye through the very dirty nose smudged back door to ensure that no harm befell me.

There is really nothing special or unique about these pictured except that taking them made my heart happy.  But isn't that the purpose of art?  As long as it feeds your soul and enriches your happiness it has served it's purpose.  I knew if I left the mushrooms on the sidewalk that they would not be enjoyed before they vanished from this earth.  Instead I carefully brought them home to be enjoyed and to let their magic shine once more. 

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