Friday, June 27, 2014

Published the Stamper's Sampler Fall 2014

Seeing your name in print is always very humbling. A few nights ago I received the Fall issue of the Stampers Sampler - The Art of Rubber Stamping by Stampington & Company.

I was very blessed to have them select 4 of my Halloween inspired cards for publication. Creating Halloween themed cards is one of my favorite artistic challenges so this was exceptionally thrilling for me. These are actually some of my favorite creations as they are not too dark but have just enough creepy cute in their design and layout.

It does however make me feel guilty that I have not had time to make any cards by hand recently. My poor art studio is a disaster and I have a million unfinished projects. Summers are usually like this for me. Just imagine the shame I have experienced walking into Hallmark recently.  I also have cards I need to prepare for submission but have not had the time over the past few months.  I really need to get on it.  Anthony and Alex have both busted my chops about never making it on the cover of the Stampers Sampler or Take Ten.  I can't even imagine that happening but I can always dream.

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