Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Langer Lake Hiking - Challis National Forest

Above are pictures from our hike in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness area on Saturday. Raisin, Jay and I hiked to Langer Lake to enjoy a leisurely lunch. Our hike was about 5 miles round trip. The hike was up, up, up and on the way back to the truck down, down, down.  We decided to wait back by the truck for Anthony since my Kindle Fire (with a very good book downloaded) was waiting for me.
Anthony continued his hike up to the fire look out station which I think added another 4 miles to his hike. The remainder of his hike was very steep which the dogs and I could not have completed in a reasonable amount of time.  Our skill level is no where near his at this juncture but we keep on hiking to improve our skills.
Back at the trail head I also learned that some people hike with goats instead of lama's or horses. Who knew? A man pulled up with a Ford truck at the trail head and unloaded 6 goats from the back (it was like unloading a clown car). He had driven from Boise and the goats like to stand for the entire ride.  It seemed very uncomfortable to me.  Apparently they eat along the way and can carry about 30% of their body weight. He said they can go without water for days (although there is plenty of water on this trail).  I had to keep Raisin and Jay away from the goats as they have a very strong predator drive and I am sure that the goats looked like bully sticks to them.  It was amazing to see him pack up the goats and head down the trail.  Only in Idaho!

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