Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Vandalism in Boise Continues

Raisin-Holmes and Jay-Watson the Peis of Justice were back on the trail this evening after reports came flooding back in from Capperpillar and Team Glub that more Eagle, Idaho letterboxes have been murdered. The crime scenes spoke for themselves. Adding to our total of known murdered boxes to five this evening.

On the Way to the Crime Scene


Most recently deceased:

“Welcome ToBear”
This box was planted in the honor of
ToBear (A & J Bears beautiful little boy).
These murderers have absolutely no shame –
killing a box that honored a two year old.

“Christmas Vacation”
A Hit and Run letterbox that had been vandalized since
I checked on it on December 29th, 2009.

“Hello Raisin”
Planted by Capperpillar in honor of “The Raisin.”
Miss Raisin is most upset about this box being vandalized.
She is out for Pei-justice!

Also missing by the hands of Vandals or maybe Muggles
(unsolved disappearances) this past week include:

The Buzz Dancing Dog Coffee House
I just replanted it on 11/15/2009.
The box is completely gone.
It does not fit the vandals MO but you never know.

Take Flight
I replanted this one on 7/3/2009.
This box is also completely gone.
Another unsolved disappearance.

It appears that our vandals have gotten cocky by leaving their initials behind with their trail name. SKJRLG. Makes one wonder if these are bored and destructive Geocahcers. Either way no matter. All Idaho Blackvelvetrav, Lizman and Pei’s of Adventure clues have been removed from LBNA and Atlas Quest. The boxes are still listed but going forward I will only be providing clues to boxers I know and/or those that are vouched for by ligament and known boxer. Yes, I will double check references so good luck vandals. If you don’t already have the clues (many boxes have already moved today) your murdering spree has come to an abrupt end. Why don’t you go bother some Geocachers for a change? We letterboxers don’t take kindly to your type and neither do our furry friends – especially the Pei of Justice!

I guess our local vandals will really need to travel to capture any more of my stamps. And so sad for you because everyone in the LB community knows my really good carvings do not reside in Idaho. I guess you really need to decide how much they are worth to you because you will be spending a lot in gas or airfare to steal and murder any more of my boxes.

I am going to go find my happy place now by working on a carving I owe GreenJello. Humm…that might just be on my list of Letterboxing New Years Resolutions. And it won't be planted in Idaho either.

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