Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gray Shading - Copic Class - Day 3

Day 3 of my Copic Markers Class featured getting more mileage out of your Copic markers utilizing Gray Shading.  I only have a few light colored grey Copic markers but I can definitely see the advantage of purchasing a couple more.  In their demonstration videos they were using a lot of cool grey markers in the "C" family and I do not have any.  I ended up using my N4 and BV25 grey markers instead.  The grey gives you a more realistic look than simply shading with a darker tone in the same color family.  Not all colors worked well with this technique so using a sample sheet before coloring your projects is advised.  That way you can be sure the colors you have selected blend with the grey nicely for your shadow as you are hoping.  They had three different demonstrators sharing this technique which was nice since everyone has their own technique.

One great but very simple tip I learned that you can uncap the markers you are coloring with so you can switch between them quickly.  I don't know why I am always uncapping and recapping (I have refills) but this simple advice I will take to heart as it slows things down quite a bit.  I guess it is fear of them drying out.  Yet the demonstrator said she has not seen it as a problem herself having 3 or 4 markers uncapped at the same time.  Although you would not want to leave them uncapped indefinitely.   

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