Friday, September 25, 2015

Published Stampers Sampler Oct-Nov-Dec 2015

I am very humbled and blessed to have my art work (cards) published in the October, November, December 2015 issue of the Stampers' Sampler - The Art of Rubber Stamping.  It was really neat to see the cover and realize one of the headlines actually leads you to some of my featured cards.  It reads "DIY Holiday Card & Tag Sets page 104."  When you flip to that page they have really made me feel like a million bucks by sharing not one but seven of my card and tag sets.  I was completely shocked.  I never thought that I actually have a certain style when I create cards.  I feel like I am all over the board in my designs and the images that motivate me.  However, they describe my signature style as quirky.  That probably about sums me up.  Who knew?  In decorating Kelly shared that I have an eclectic style and now with cards I am quirky.  We will not even get into my daily wardrobe and hat choices because even I know every day is an adventure when I get dressed.  They also featured a few of my cards on other pages in the same issue.

There is a bit of humor in the paragraph on page 104.  If you read the paragraph you might even note the error.  I laugh because I recently purchased a t-shirt for myself that outlines this very item.  I won't give away the slight error but if you spot it you might chuckle too.

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