Monday, November 2, 2015

Hello Kitty Traveling Event Box Container Issue Solved

In 2010 I created a Table Top, Hidden in Plain Sight, Traveling Event Letterbox called Sweet Shoppe Hello Kitty.  The box made it's first appearance with four Hello Kitty stamps.  Each stamp was contained in a whimsical Hello Kitty candy/mint container with all four containers and a logbook hidden inside a metal Hello Kitty lunch box.  Each time I carved a new stamp I would enclose it in it's own unique Hello Kitty candy/mint container and would add it to the lunch box.  I thought this was a fun concept until I realized that event attendees needed to open each small container in search of the stamps that were new.  At first I was okay with this treasure hunt of sorts but as the box grew I realized that this could take away from valuable trail time and might cause frustration instead of fun.

Tonight I solved the issue with little canvas draw string bags.  As this Event Letterbox now contains twenty unique Hello Kitty Stamps I realized it was imperative to solve the container issues before our December event.  Each bag is now stamped with the image that it contains making it easy to locate the Hello Kitty stamps that a Letterboxer would need to add to their growing collection.  However, I took it one step further for ease in identification and numbered each bag to correspond with the box number on Atlas Quest.  Examples:  Box # 12 is Elsa and Box # 8 is Faery.  Now finders will not need to worry about each stamps name at the event as long as they write down the number with each stamped image in their logbook they can add the names back at home after the event is over.  I am really excited about this simple update and am hoping that our event attendees are too.

To help keep the bags somewhat clean I have also made a small felt pouch inside each bag to keep the stamps from smearing ink all over the place.  Another bonus will be if this box should ever be requested for an out of state event the stamps will be inexpensive and easy to mail and to set out in a bucket or open container on a table without too much fuss needed by the event planners.  I realized I sacrificed some of the charm of the containers but I think the ease of stamping and logging in finds will outweigh my original container set up.  I am not sure if the new canvas bags will fit into the original lunch box but there are lots of easy and fast options to place them in instead of the lunch box.  Now I can keep carving Hello Kitty images and can add as many as my heart desires while still being able to keep them organized and accounted for. 

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