Sunday, January 3, 2016

Halloween Town Celebrates Christmas Series Visits Boise Star Wars Event

The Halloween Town Celebrates Christmas Letterboxing series was created by Aiphid in the fall of December 2014.  Three different carvers contributed stamps for the series.  I carved Lock, Shock and Barrel, The Wolf Family carved Sally and Crafty Lobster carved Jack.  Aiphid put together the amazingly clever wreaths and letterboxes pictured above that mimicked the doors that Jack discovers in the forest in the movie Nightmare Before Christmas.  Aiphid was kind enough to loan the the boxes to me after their original appearance at the MMMC event in Conover, NC.

I was really wracking my brain to figure out how to plant these boxes without them being compromised in the wilds and was drawing a total and complete blank.  I decided to hold them until our December 19th Star Wars themed event here in Boise but I knew the Nightmare Before Christmas theme did not quite fit in with our Star Wars theme.

Lucky for me Music Chick (a local Idaho boxer) saved the day with a cross over bonus stamp to tie the two themes together.  I had originally planned on carving this image myself but she bailed me out at the last minute and carved the amazing stamp above.  Jack as Han Solo, Sally as Princess Leia and Zero as Chewie.  Needless to say her amazing carving quickly became my favorite stamp of the event!  I usually do not play favorites but this stamp is so great and brings two great themes together in one.  It just shows that you can find ways make unrelated stamps part of the fun at an event even if they are not part of your original theme.  Thank you Music Chick for your amazing carving and contributions to the event.   


  1. I love how you colored the image! You are so very welcome! Anytime you need help, just ask. Music Chick

  2. Hoping to run by on Wednesday to bring Jack and all of his friends back to you. Thanks for letting me hang on to him to play a little before he returned home.


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