Sunday, November 13, 2016

Disney Springs Savory Cuisine Quest at Morimoto Asia

One of the really fun shops to visit at Disney Springs is the Lego Store.  The larger than life Disney models are awe inspiring!  I have loved Lego's since the kids were little.  Lego's have endless possibilities and the kids could play with them for hours on end using just their imagination.  I always thought is was fun to open a new package and follow the instructions to create the pictured project on the box.  I am not really skilled with free form Lego's but that is okay because I still find building with Lego's fun and relaxing.  Disney just recently released a new Lego set - The Magic Kingdom Castle.  If it had not been $300 (over 4080 pieces) I might have been tempted to send one back to Boise for Anthony and I to build on date nights as a unique and fun couples project.  Seeing the completed castle really made me have Lego envy - it was amazing.  Nope I will never grow up!

Our savory food adventure was fulfilled at Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs.  The Pan-Asia cuisine of Chef Morimoto was so delicious and the restaurant is a visual delight.  Chef Morimoto is a Japanese chef, best known as an Iron Chef on the Japanese TV cooking show Iron Chef and its spinoff Iron Chef America. He is also known for his unique style of presenting food.  He was not present when we visited but we understand that he visits the restaurant about once a quarter and he also hand picks the chefs from Japan and personally trains them.

In September 2015, Morimoto opened the Pan-Asian restaurant Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs.  Pam (Anthony's sister) and her husband Dean highly recommend Morimoto Asia having visited several days before we did.  And it did not disappoint.

We ordered the Morimoto Spareribs with cilantro and a hoisin sweet chili glaze.  They were amazing.  For our entrees I ordered Orange Chicken (tempura chicken, Chinese broccoli, wok-tossed with a sweet Florida orange sauce) and Anthony ordered Kung Pao Chicken (carrots, shimeji, mushroom, bell pepper, bamboo shoot, cashew nut, stir-fried with spicy szechuan sauce).  Both entrees were mouth watering and perfectly prepared.  Unfortunately we were too full to sample any of their sweet offerings.  I wish Morimoto Asia was a local restaurant here in Boise because it would defiantly be on our short list of go-to eateries.    

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