Saturday, August 29, 2009

LTC: Thinking Outside the 2 ½ by 3 ½ Inch Box

Starting with 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 Cut Mat Board

Cut Newspaper to Glue on to the Cut Mat Board

Brayer in Action with Layer of Gel Medium

Trimmed Newspaper After it is Dry

Adding First Layer of Acrylic Paint and Glazing Medium

Rubbing Off Excess with Baby Wipe

Adding Second Layer of Paint (Different Color) for Depth

Rubbing Off Excess Paint

Stamp, Emboss and Add Gel Pen Swirls
The Actual Carving and Card Together

The Whole Batch Finished!!!
No Two are Comnpletely Alike.

My experience creating LTC’s is very limited. Although I have known about art trading cards for years I just never got into making them. CW Sunseeker got me started on LTC’s by sending me a couple of her creations to check out. She is very creative and her cards were super cute and too tempting not to attempt.

Fast forward to today and I have only made 18 different and individual cards. Most of mine have been limited edition cards and all of them are on poster board (they are very thick). I really like the way the thick cards hold up to design abuse. I have just discovered that I needed to start thinking outside the 2 ½ by 3 ½ inch box. I was always approaching my cards as if I could only make them with stamps I had carved that would fit neatly on the card. I decided I needed to push past my preconceived notions and have started stamping my larger carving on these tiny cards. The first card I made that challenged my limiting dimensions was Easy Rider Anthony Rides Again. The stamp actually measures 4 x 2 and does not fit on the card. So I stamped it on there twice running off the card with each stamp. My second stamp HP: The Half Blood Prince measures 5 x 3 ½. This time I only stamped a partial image. And finally I am making cards today of my HP: Triwizards Cup carving that measures 5 x 2.

I have also decided that I need to start growing as an artist with my card designs and elements. My first attempt to branch out is by using newspaper or phone book paper as a background to my images. I then emboss the images on my painted and distressed background and add any embellishments I desire. What I love about this technique which I have used on the card mentioned above is that no two cards are identical.

These are the ingredients I have been using:

Newspaper/Phone Book Paper
Gel Medium
Acrylic Paint
Glazing Medium
Baby Wipes

I first glue the card to the page using gel medium and the brayer. Add color with a mixture of acrylic paint and glazing medium and wipe off with baby wipes. Apply a second layer of color using the same technique and then add my images to the top (embossing and such). It is a little more time consuming but I am loving the results. This is a totally fun technique.

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