Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weeds vs. Wild Flowers

Raisin is Co-Pilot

Giant Weeds They Grew - Mega Tall & Healthy!!!
There Was a Geocache in This Log in a Very Large Costco Sized
Plastic Peanut Can.
It's Gone Now...Gee Wonder Why?

Some Brush is Starting to Dry Out

Wild Flowers or Weeds I Don't Care!

Raisin Cooling Off

Love All the Color!

A Splash of Yellow

Hay Mom Wait For Me!

Pop! Yellow Smiles from Nature!

Let's Get Moving!

I can honestly say that I do not know the difference between a weed and a wild flower but whatever it is that is blooming at Eagle Island this summer is just beautiful. This morning I took the Pei’s of Adventure out to check on our three Eagle Island boxes and the fields are full of colorful blooms and blossoms. It was a little overcast and I did not get the best pictures but you get the idea. Lots of violet, yellow and pink among all the tall green grasses. Really a delight to the eye no matter if they are just weeds. Eagle Island has this huge master plan to convert the park for multipurpose use. Right now it has limited use (which I love) but eventually they will be transforming the park to include camping, kayaking, more water features etc. Recently I watched them work on this strip of land by bulldozing it for weeks on end. Mounding the dirt up a little and then planting some sort of twigs in the middle of it. They let in some water and then stopped working on the area all together. I would need to look at their master plan again but I am thinking that they underestimated Mother Nature and what would happen in this section. Instead of this nicely landscaped area they designed they created the absolutely perfect climate for a crop of weeds that could rival anything you have ever seen. The weeds literally stand 10 to 15 feet in height and you can’t even see through them to the little sticks they planted. They are the healthiest batch of giant weeds I have ever seen. I hope it was not our tax dollars that created them because I can grow them in are yard without a bulldozer. I am happy to report that all three boxes are safe and sound this morning. Naturally The Raisin is our co-pilot in the car when we head out for rides. I love to see the look on people’s faces when they pull up next to the Bronco and see Raisin staring back. She is too much!

Wag & Walk 2007

Balancing Act

A Mother’s Love

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