Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thanks Yiker! Smokey Says - McCall, Idaho

On the Trail - Where is that Switchback?
There We Go - Now We Are Headed in the Right Direction
Raisin on the Trail! The Pei of Adventure! Gee Do You Think There Might Be Something Under There?

Look What We Found!

A big spud state thank you to Yiker and crew for planting a new box for the Pei’s of Adventure, Kendra and I to find over the holiday weekend. We were able to escape from camp on Saturday. After planting my one box “Finn Fairy” and a quick stop at the cutest quilting shop (Huckleberry Patches http://www.huckleberrypatches.com/index.htm) you have ever seen we hit Warren Wagon Road in search of “Smokey Says”.

It was overcast and breezy and we had the goose bumps to show for the search. Fortunately this was a fast find and not a four mile hike as it was very chilly. We nabbed the box in no time and even headed down the road to check on A-Bears two boxes that I originally visited back in May of 2007. During my original visit I forgot my ink and stamps but I made up for it stamping in on Saturday. That is the first and last time I have forgotten my ink and signature stamps when boxing! Both of her boxes are alive and well although Scratchin' Post could use a new log book.

Thanks again Yiker we appreciate your thoughtfulness!

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