Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not Just Any Old Lid...

Jay Sporting My "Life is Good - Get Out" Lid
Some of My Favorite LidsRaisin in my Newest Favorite - Jack Skellington Lid
Who's Your Pei?

Baseball hats. Really an unlikely fashion statement for me. Heck, I don’t even like baseball. But I learned years ago that baseball hats are the cure for thick curly hair gone bad. In fact I love my baseball hats so much that I not only wear them letterboxing and camping but you can find me in one on the weekends and evenings too. If they would let me wear them to work I would probably be in one every day. I will admit that I have favorites in the rotation. And it is funny but you can tell what day of the week it is when we camp or letterbox because each day I will have a different lid on. For me the cap must have an opening in the back for the ever cool and neck bearing ponytail (a life saver in the summer heat). I also like my brims a little rounded and not too long. Although I do have a couple of others (I am wearing my pink and brown Alamo cap right now) my current favorites are:

· Dark brown Yellowstone National Park hat purchased from the gift shop near Old Faithful
· Red and blue Bubba Gump hat from the restaurant in Maui
· Black Humane Society See Spot Walk Hat from our fundraising efforts last year
· Brown York Beach hat from my Letterboxing visit to York Beach, Maine
· Tan Life is Good – Get Out cap from Cascade, Idaho
· Brand new Jack Skellington hat from the Boise Towne Square Mall (I love Nightmare Before Christmas).

My newest lid is actually the only one that I purchased from a store in a mall instead of at a letterboxing, camping or vacationing adventure. I never mall shop but needed a hat for Nick and could not resist getting one for myself. They had another one I loved too but no opening for my thick ponytail. Baseball hats may not be the fashion rage but I have never been fashionable so they are perfect for me. Who knows what hat I will have on the next time I hit the trail. But I can almost guarantee you I will be in one.

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