Monday, January 18, 2010

Free Will Astrology & Three More MIA Today

There I was waiting for my to-go order of the best General 's Chicken in Boise flipping through the January 13th issue of the Boise Weekly. Thumbing my way past an article on Spitting Worms, Smog in the Treasure Valley and Stiff Drinks I pause to read my horoscope. If this isn't a Letterboxing flavored horoscope I don't know what is:

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

The Earth's north magnetic pole is not the same as the geographic North Pole. If you take out a compass to orient yourself toward due north, the compass arrow will actually point toward a spot in the frigid wilds of Canada. But what's really odd is that the north magnetic pole has been on the move since 1904 - scientists don't know exactly why - and has dramatically sped up in recent years. According to National Geographic, it's now zooming toward Siberia at the rate of almost 40 miles per year. I suspect that your own metaphorical version of magnetic north will also be changing in 2010, Aries. By January 2011, the homing signal you depend on to locate your place in reality may have migrated significantly. This is a good time to start tracking the shift.

I am no expert on Astrology but I know there must be a message in there somehow related to Letterboxing. But what is that message? Any takers on sharing the insight of what the message might be?

Another message came my direction this afternoon from Capperpillar. Sadly this one needed no mystical interpretation. She checked on my "Make A Child Smile" box and left without a smile as the box is gone. Who on Earth would take a box dedicated to kids who are dying of incurable illnesses? That is just poor form!

Tonight in the pitch dark Lizman, The Raisin, Jay and I braved 30 MPH winds (no lie) to check on two more Eagle boxes. Our first stop was to check on "Hot Pants." Yep, after many years of boxing in the dark do you think I could have remembered a flashlight? By the dim light of Lizman's cell phone and the camera flash we felt around and "Hot Pants" has vanished. Jay unhappy about our misfortune promptly lifted his leg on the rocks that had once hidden the box under the evergreen and left his calling card for the vandal's. Gotta love that Pei!

Next we stopped to check on "Tiny Treat: Cupcake" and the box was there but the stamp was gone. No notes left behind by the vandal's. At this rate it looks like we will be spending the winter re-populating Eagle with new letterboxes. Too bad there won't be any clues posted for the vandal's to take them again. Have I mentioned that I make killer cupcakes?

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