Monday, February 8, 2010

Box Death Toll Rises Again in Idaho

The image above is a little difficult to see but if you look closely you can make out the handwriting and will note that the vandal "Firecracker" took the life of another helpless Boise box. In the past 4 days we (the Pei's of Justice, myself and Mr. Blackvelvetrav) have check on a number of local boxes. Unfortunately, we are finding more gone or vandalized than alive. Although we have tracked the IP addresses of the vandals and have contacted a certain school principal and IT gatekeeper at said school, it is not ending the trail of murdered boxes that we are still uncovering. Here is the latest list of boxes that have survived vandalism and those that have had their lives taken by the vandals and possibly Muggles in the Boise area.
  • The Gift of Time - Eagle, Idaho - Alive
  • A Mother's Love - Eagle, Idaho - MIA
  • Balancing Act - Eagle, Idaho - MIA
  • Big Dog Series (2 Boxes) - Eagle, Idaho - Alive
  • The Buzz: The Human Bean - Vandalized
  • Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington & Sally - Meridian, Idaho - MIA

Unfortunately, I can hardly share clues with known boxers at this point until I am able to confirm that the remaining boxes are still alive. We are working as quickly as possible to ID the boxes and update their status but it is still going to take time.

A small bright spot recently is that Capperpillar did find two assumed MIA boxes (that I had retired) alive and well. Both were near their hiding spots and she managed to uncover them and put them back into action. Three cheers for Capperpillar!!! Hip-Hip Hooray! The boxes that she replanted are:

  • Joe's Crab Shack (2 Boxes) Both are Alive and Well
  • Language of Green (Originally 3 Boxes) Greenhorn Box # 1 is Alive. Other two MIA.

The vandals and Muggles may actually be doing me a favor in the long run. Once I have confirmed the status of all of my remaining boxes (or what is left of them) I am plotting a new series of boxes that will be far superior to my older boxes. Both the carvings and the logbooks will put my old boxes to shame. So the boxing community still comes out on top no matter how many have been taken or vandalized. You just can't keep us boxers down! And don't even bother hoping to destroy or disturb my new boxes because there will never be any clues available for vandals or Muggles.


  1. Oh man!! :(
    This makes me sad-- I do hope you find most of them alive and well... We'd planned on going back to Boise, as always, over Easter weekend to LB there.

  2. No worries. I will try to plant some new ones before you come. Just contact me directly and we will see what it waiting out there for you! I am moving as fast as I can to check what is hopefully still there.


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