Monday, December 28, 2009

Letterbox Murderer - A Vandal has Surfaced in Boise!

Tonight Lizman, the Pei’s of Justice (Formerly the Pei’s of Adventure) and I drove into Eagle to investigate the crime scenes of our murdered boxes. We confirmed Capperpillar’s assessment by quickly locating the remains of our two boxes “No Fishing” and “The Buzz: Starbucks.” Both boxes had intact containers but the baggies and lovingly hand carved stamps were missing out of both and the logbook covers were vandalized by a murder named Firecracker.

Before handling the boxes personally we did consider dusting for prints. This would have been our first piece of physical evidence. However, we were already aware of honorable, honest and legitimate letterboxers visiting the remains after the murder had been committed. The crime scene had been compromised. Also with the season of winter upon is there was a very likely chance that they were wearing gloves.

Our second piece of evidence is the scribbled handwriting on the covers of the logbooks. This obviously ruins the logbooks for future planting but has left us with several clues. First of all the murder used the same pen to vandalize both boxes. The color and depth of the ink is consistent when compared. We have determined with a reasonable degree of certainty that the same person wrote on both logbook covers. The form, movement, letter and line form are almost identical when compared. Through Graphology and forensic analysis I have studied the psychology of the murder and have come to several conclusions. The initial letters of their trail name are much bigger than the other letters indicating that the murderer likes attention. The emotional energy of the writer is moderate and they make it through the day with just enough energy. The murder writes with a vertical slant thus revealing that they try to keep their emotions in check. They also have a straight baseline which reveals they are tense and over disciplined. The murder also does not concentrate much on the upper zone of their life thus they have no imagination. Overall my conclusion is that the murderer of my boxes is a total and complete jerk!

Below I have posted the physical evidence that has been collected to date. Please note that these images are disturbing and graphic in nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

Exhibit A
Murdered "The Buzz: Starbucks Box"
with Vandalized Logbook
Exhibit B
Murdered "No Fishing" Box
with Vandalized Logbook
Exhibit C
Close Up Image of Vandalized Logbooks

Although we have not contacted the press with our reply to these violent attacks of innocent young letterboxes murdered in the prime of their lives our quest for justice we will be answered. Lizman is considering a one letterboxer stakeout with his air soft gun, new cell phone and 2-man tent. The Pei’s of Justice are relying on their noses to find the smelly stinker that murdered our boxes. And I am working the clues to lead me to this killer who must be stopped. We will not rest until all letterboxes in Ada County are safe to hide in the bushes, rest under logs and are a thrill for all to find alive and well!


  1. just looking at the pics just makes me so mad. >:-|

    I'm so sorry.

  2. I completely agree with your assessment - complete and total jerk.

    I wish Lizman and the Pei's of Justice success. :o/


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