Monday, March 22, 2010

Horseshoe Bend Boxes

Unfortunately it appears that Horseshoe Bend, Idaho has fallen victim to our recent rash of vandalized and missing boxes. Horseshoe Bend was home to only three traditional letterboxes (and about 770 residents) and as of Saturday they have all been reported as Missing in Action (the Letterboxes not the residents):

A-Bear's "Horseshoe" Letterbox was planted in September 2002 and my two cemetery boxes "Visions of Angels" (Rahmiel and Hermesiel) that were planted in July 2009 have all disappeared.

The picture above is of a helpful Search and Rescue Letterbox team that hunted, dug and scoured the area this past weekend with absolutely no luck finding the boxes. Their efforts are greatly appreciated as they are the unsung hero's of this weekends search efforts. Although they returned home empty handed they still had their smiles ready for the camera! Their undaunted enthusiasm is much appreciated. We can only hope that their next adventure will turn up better results!

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