Monday, May 3, 2010

Language of Silver Update Via Galoclya

A brave band of boxers recently transplanted from Pocatello (Galoclya) took to the foothills this weekend to check on the "Language of Silver" series at the Dog Park Downtown off of Reserve. With their faithful therapy dog, Bella, leading the way (check out those tiny little legs) they reported back on finding two of the three boxes still alive. It looks like box number #2 (Pieces of Silver) is MIA. This will be an easy box for me to re-carve and re-plant as the Pei's of Adventure love to walk the trails down near the dust bowl dog park. Looks like we will need to be visiting there again soon. A big thank you to the Galoclya Gang for their update and picture! Can't wait for more pictures of that cute furry little pack leader during their next adventure out on the trail.

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