Monday, July 12, 2010

Abacus, William and Charlie Brown Visit Boise

Fortunately two members of the Capperpillar Clan were able to meet up for a quick exchange with Abacus, William & Charlie Brown. They were on a whirl wind trip to Yellowstone National Park and back via Boise, Idaho. They are letterboxers from Sonoma County who have been boxing since 2006. They met up at a Highlands Hollow Brew House off of Bogus Basin Road yesterday afternoon.

Unfortunately, Lizman and I were racing back from our weekend in Wallowa/Joseph, Oregon and with the time change, stopping for lunch and the distance across town we were not able to make an appearance. Had they been off Eagle Road we might have caught them before they were headed to the airport. It looks like they must have had a fun trip and it was great that Capperpillar was able to roll out the red carpet for their visit. Hopefully they will come through Boise again.

1 comment:

  1. You guys have a lot of people coming through!!! We do here also- I've met 3 boxers in the last week! Such fun!!!


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