Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Treasures I Didn't Find!

Trail Name: Blackvelvetrav
Box Name: Louie at the Lake Series (4)
City & State: McCall, Idaho
Three Word Description: Non-Boxers, Pouting, Blister

Today's Tuesday Treasures post is dedicated to my weekend of non-boxing. Yes, you read that right my ability to not box this past weekend in McCall and Cascade, Idaho.

I arrived up at camp on Friday afternoon and had everything planned out in my mind for my boxing weekend. I didn't care that our camp site was as busy as a Wal-Mart parking lot because I knew I would not be spending much time there. I had printed my clues and clues to 5 boxes I was hoping to finally find. I was ready and set to hit the trail for the weekend.

Saturday morning the Pei's of Adventure woke me bright and early at 6:00 a.m. We normally walk at 5:00 a.m. every morning but they were kind enough to let me sleep in. I put on my sweats, baseball cap and hiking boots as it had rained very heavily Friday night. We drove down to the old railroad tracks trail about 5 miles away at Crown Point for an early morning walk. I have a series of boxes on the trail there and figured I would come back later in the day to check on them. We got a mile into the walk and I noticed that my right heel was really uncomfortable and hurting. I just assumed that I had sand rubbing my heel, my socks might be waded up in a strange position or maybe something was stuck in my socks like a sticker or thorn. We got down to the beach and I sat down in the wet sand to investigate the source of the pain. Imagine my shock and horror to discover a nickle sized blister on the back of my right heel.

I slowly limped back to the truck with the Pei's and unfortunately had to face the truth back at camp. I had a giant blister that had to be attended to and I was now stuck in my rubber Crocks for the weekend as they were the only shoes that had an open back. I then spent the next three days in the ever busy and people saturated camp site off the trail hobbling around with my bum heel. And what became of Lizman at the exact same time? Well, he managed to burn the tops of both of his feet Friday and he was also unable to put socks or shoes on for the entire weekend. He tenderly walked around camp without shoes. And we call ourselves Letterboxers.

Mr. Blackvelvetrav noticed my frustration and desperation. I was stuck off the trail and now could only check my boxes that were fast finds. He decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and took himself, my step son Nick and family friend Carson on the 4 mile hike to Louie Lake to find the Louie Lake Series for me. He also took Jay (our dark brown Pei) with him. This left Raisin (who is also limping), Lizman with the burned feet and me the blister queen back in camp for the entire day.

They returned from their boxing excursion with all four boxes logged in and no pictures to show the proof of the finds. I guess being non-boxers they didn't feel the need to preserve the memories for eternity. Also Mr. Blackvelvetrav did stamp one of the images on the back of one of my logbook pages. Looks like tit's time to discuss stamping in again. He has been off the trail so long he has forgotten book etiquette. He also forgot to stamp Little Jay the Pei into the logbooks (Jay has his own stamp). Well, let's just hope that as soon as this blister heals (still killing me) that the universe is set back in motion again where the boxers are boxing and the non-boxers are back tending to camp! My poor hiking boots had to sit unworn the entire weekend. It's no fun sitting on the side lines when there are adventures to be enjoyed. And yes, I am still pouting over my weekend of non-boxing!

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