Sunday, July 25, 2010

Capperpillar to the Rescue in the Middle of Goddess Fest

Yesterday Mr. Blackvelvetrav and I decided we had just enough time to try to locate The Dragon's "Art in the Park Letterbox - What Zoo Boise Needs." I will be the first to admit I was in a very foul mood yesterday. Not the right frame of mind to be boxing in. However, it was more of my stamps being stolen this week that really ticked me off in the first place. My line of thought was if I at least found one box that it would make up for the three I had to retire yesterday morning.

Mr. Blackvelvetrav and I found ourselves at Julia Davis Park smack dab in the middle of Goddess Fest while trying to secretly hunt for the box. I was having a really hard time concentrating with all the people, was miffed about my boxes and was just frustrated by the whole darn experience. Mr. Blackvelvetrav was being a good sport as boxing is not his favorite activity. We finally had to take a break from the men in skirts, greasy vendor food and tye dyed clothing at Goddess Fest and moved the truck over to the Flicks parking lot to catch an afternoon movie.

Right before the movie I sent a text to Capperpillar sharing my frustration over the day. She and I had spent about an hour in the morning troubleshooting my stamp situation over the phone. She knew I was in a downward spiral funk. First my boxes were missing and now I just felt totally dumb because I could not figure out the clues.

When the movie ended I was surprised to get back a text that the whole Capperpillar clan was down town and wanted to know if we were still around. We met up in less than 5 minutes and they helped to point us in the right direction without giving away the boxes location. Sadly, we had actually walked past the HUGE clue about 4 times prior to their life saving arrival. Thank heavens they came to our rescue. They helped us look like we were hanging around while I stamped in and even gave us a little mental help with a cipher we had sort of flat lined on. Not our finest moments to be sure. Thank heavens we have such great boxers here in Idaho! Who you gonna call??? Capperpillar!!!

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