Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

Box: Montana Symbols - Bitterroot
Trailname: FrogiNater originally, but he now has his own trailname: RockTheNater
City and State: Dillon, Montana
Three Word Description: Lake, windy, pink

This post is a special snap shot of boxes that have been found this past week from all over the country from boxers who are willing to share their adventures.

In a nut shell the boxer sends me a snap shot Blackvelvetrav@yahoo.com with the treasure they have found (only the container showing to protect the identify of the carving), the boxes name, the boxers trail name, the city and state it was found in (unless it's a mystery) and three words to describe the adventure. Quick, easy and fun (hay that's three words)!

Thank you to the boxers who have continued to share their found treasures.
I absolutely love the variety of boxes and locations!

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