Saturday, August 21, 2010


Right now we have severe thunderstorm warnings in Boise. Although there has been no precipitation at our house all of a sudden the wind kicked up at an incredible rate. Mr. Blackvelvetrav went outside to turn over our patio set so it would not blow away. He came back in and went up stairs. The next thing you know things in the house were flying all over and crashing down to the ground because some of the windows were open. As we were racing around to close the windows I asked Mr. Blackvelvetrav if he could go out and take down my bird feeders as they were wildly banging against the windows and house. He steeped out back again and the pictures are what he encountered. We have 1/2 of one tree down and an evergreen that completely split from inside the ground and is now laying partially in the street. I was carving right before all the commotion and we had plans to go letterboxing tomorrow. Instead I think we will be here at the house after church trying to figure out what to do. I am so sad tonight as both of these trees were well established and in good health. They provided quite a bit of shade for our back yard and for all the birds that visit our feeders and bird bath. One small miracle is that the bird houses on the back of the house are all still in place so I am sure the baby birds are tucked inside safe and sound. The weather service said that the winds reached over 60 mph. Mr. Blackvelvetrav just took a quick spin around the neighborhood to see if other trees have been toppled and he only found one other.

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  1. That's sad:( I'm glad that you didn't have a tree land and puncture your roof like we had happen a couple of years ago though. It could have been much worse.

    Yak~King blues


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